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committee is helping them find work and a place to live. if anyone else wants to doe note, go to our impact to world website at be sure to check out my podcast on thanks for watching. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. good morning, everybody. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is cnn sunday morning, 8:00 a.m. i'm t.j. homes. >> i'm brianna keilar. thank you so much for starting your day with us. it is kind of a strange day. we are counting down the final moments until texas stadium is imploded. in a few minutes, this chunk of history will be a pile of rubble have the the city of irving is
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tearing it down to redevelop this 80-acre site. people have been lining up since 2:00 a.m. to witness the old cowboy's stadium tumbling down. >> we are expecting this to happen been a minute. you are seeing now different live pictures of fireworks. for those of you who maybe haven't been to texas stadium, maybe haven't been to texas and don't get it, this is a big deal,this is a piece of cowboy history, nfl history. this stadium has been around since 1971. it is a dome with a hole in a roof. people got used to it. the cowboys certainly had great success at this place over the years. we have an 11-year-old kid by the name of casey rogers who got the honor after he won an essay contest, got the honor of hitting the button to bring this thing don't. you can't just light a stick of
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dynamite and throw it into that place and expect it to come down. this has been a year-long project to get the seats out and drill holes to put dynamite in. they are now ready for it. he with are trying to hold on to catch it for you live. we might have to get back to this in just a moment. really, it's been around since 197167 1971. the cowboys have the $1.3 billion stadium they play in now. they have been tailgating since early morning hours. that's what they do in texas. >> if you were there, you could go to one of the parking lots they clear to tailgate. this is such an endeavor. we are talking about 2.5 million pounds of steael, 2 million pounds of concrete. they have had to clear out installation, esbestos, to make sure it is very safe to implode. now, they are making a spectacle
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out of it. it has been almost 40 years in the case of this stadium. it costs, what, $35 million to build when they did it. it is a different time. the new stadium, as you mentioned is over about $1 billion. >> and gorgeous and some people hate to see this one go but, of course, you always have to move on at some point. we will move on ourselves. right now, we are keeping an eye on the live pictures. we will get back to that in just a moment. hope to bring ta to you live when it does happen. >> another live picture, this one, no fireworks, they certainly don't want them in space. these are the shutting "discovery" astronauts performing a space walk, the second of three they are going to have. they are swapping out pneumonia tanks out there. other top stories from overnight.
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poland is marking moments of silence after top military officials were killed in the plane accident. the bodies of the president, lech ka zensky and his wife will be there tomorrow. actress, dixie carter, she has died. she was 70 years old. the tennessee-born carter made a career out of playing strong southern women. shes is best known for her role as julia sugarbaker in "designing women," married to actor, hal hole brobrook. you see all kinds of implosions of buildings but this
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is a massive undertaking to bring down this huge stadium. it has been around since 1971. ground level. i am hearing some -- y'all let me know if there is something we need to listen to. people have shown up to this. people in texas and dallas cowboys known by a lot of accounts as america's team. people have followed this team. they have followed them through so many years and so many championships and so many records and so many hall-of-famers in that stadium, texas stadium, sits in irving texas. the plan now is to have. there he is, our guy. the 11-year-old we were telling you about. looking around. he didn't have to rehearse for this, if you will. he is told to push a button at a certain time and when he does, everything is supposed to go boom. if things go as planned, texas stadium, the old one, will come down. that's the plan. we have seen some not go so well with smaller buildings than this. they are hoping this is going to
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work out. they certainly planned this thing out. >> this is such a huge undertaking. the way they are doing this is almost 3,000 holes in the column of the stadium. they put about 2800 pounds of explosives into this structure for at the time tdetonation. it all comes down to this 11-year-old boy, casey rogers, he gets to do the honors, press the button. if he entered an essay contest. he has done a pretty amazing thing. he has a charity called "casey's heart" there in dallas. he works with the homeless providing clothing, goods for them. he gets donations. at the end of every month, he goes around and makes sure that what he has, he can distribute to people who are in need. he has been doing that since he was 8. he is really well-known among some of the homeless population in dallas, very, very cool thing for him. he said that some of his friends
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are a little jealous he gets to do this. >> of course they are. kids always sometimes like to play with fire and like to blow things up. you don't get a chance like this ever in your life to do something like this. they had several dignitaries and former players who were there for this. people have been lining up almost as if a game was happening today. they have been tailgating. 7:00 central time. people have been tailgating from the early morning hours. it looks like more fireworks and he just actually hit the button there. wow!
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>> i think you would consider that a success. it set off car alarms in the process, i think. >> texas stadium now only a memory. >> wow. you don't get too emotional but it is kind of sad to see texas stadium go. >> what an endeavor. some people are going to feel sort of the pang of nostalgia and some people are going to be
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kind of thrilled. maybe they don't love the cowboys. >> that was one of the debates. i'm sure some redskins fans, some eagles fans as well. they have that new stadium that opened last year, $1.3 billion, gorgeous, state-of-the-art stadium. this one had so many memories. records have been made there. legends have played at this stadium. took some time in the planning and years to build it. we just watched in a matter of a few seconds this thing go away and a piece of history is gone. there might be a scramble. people try goat some of this rubble and take it home and put it up in their basements. we are showing it again. casey did his job. he hit the button. the series of explosions underneath. it is amazing how they are able to engineer this. it happened clearly without a hitch. it came down like it was supposed to but one button, thousands of explosives and texas stadium is no more. they can now have what they have
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cowboys' stadium, the new state-of-the-art one. this is where they saw the glory days of the cowboys, and that place is no longer there. glad we are able to give that to you live. there it is, one more time. texas stadium, going away. a number of other stories we are following today. coming up, the plane crash that killed poland's president and his wife. for strong bones, i take calcium.
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benadryl®. you can't pause life. this is what we saw just a short time ago. this is in russia, part of a ceremony. we saw the body of the polish president be put on a plane and flown back to his native poland. of course, the plane crash we saw just yesterday that killed the president of poland, also his wife and several other dignitaries and other high-ranking members of the government in poland. this was part of the ceremony. these are russian soldiers carrying the body of the president putting it on the plane and expecting to land back in poland in a matter of minutes, certainly under a half hour or so where people there, we saw in watching those pictures as well, people have been gathering in warsaw. an outpouring. the country in shock right now. >> we heard one of our
8:13 am
i-reporters say it was like a river of people. our cnn reporters are following this. >> we are hearing from people all over the world whether you are expressing condolences or one of the people really very much in mourning right now. our i-reporters do an interview. you are going to hear from her and loong the way see some of the i-reports we have received from inside poland. >> oh, my god, it is the president, it is the first lady. some really good politicians and members of the army.
8:14 am
it was just, you know, i couldn't believe it. we lit the candles they were next to the palace on the pavement. there was a huge spot of light. then, we were just from the president's palace to the square, the people were just going like a river. the people were going, more and more people. there were just people going and then lighting the candles. and i think now they must be tens of thousands of those candles. >> she is right, there are tens of thousands of candles there and tens of thousands of candles at places all over the world. we are seeing all sorts of information about vinlg its. i wanted to show you some
8:15 am
i-reports that we received from berlin. people leaving all sorts of flowers there. this is in berlin, taken at the embassy, the republic of poland there. one of the many places that we are learning about from your i-reports. go to if you want to share your condolences. people look for places to express that. we want other people to hear you. i-report is a good place for that. we will be manning this throughout the day sharing some of the great i-reports with you. >> we have our crews in russia as well as poland. we are getting reaction from both places after the break. stay here. ♪
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mops can spread around. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ lovely lady 2012, still two years away, presidential election. still, more than two years away, republicans are talking about try tog recapture the white house in this week end's gathering of the southern leadership conference. former massachusetts governor, mitt romney barely edged out ron paul. the party's momentum must not be derailed by his mistakes, he says. >> i am the first one to admit i have made mistakes. it has been incumbent on me to take responsibility, shoulder the burden, make the necessary changes and move on. we have all had to do that from
8:18 am
time to time. but the one mistake, the one mistake cannot make this november is to lose. the one mistake cannot afford to make is to lose. >> that's still, of course, has faced criticism over questionable spending by the rnc, the embarrassment included a $2000 tab at a bondage-themed nightclub. the masters at augusta wrapping up today. all eyes have been on tiger woods. a lot of people wondering where exactly he was going to end up on that leader board? >> we will be talking about that. we are also going to talk about his effect on the masters this time around statement with us here on cnn sunday morning. and when you consider who will be riding with you... perhaps the question is not so much whether you can afford to drive a vehicle that is built this way...
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there are 439 reasons for former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, to crack a smile this morning. >> we are going to get more on that and explain as we check in with our candy crowley, host of cnn, state of the union, to see what's going on in new orleans. good morning to you, first of all. you are down there in new orleans with the southern republ republican leadership conference. michael steele, a lot of the talk has been about him. he got to speak himself last night. not in front of a packed house. >> reporter: no, it wasn't a packed house. to be fair, we are in new orleans. it was around 6:00 at night. this was the last day of the conference. it was saturday. hard to tell how many weren't there because they are upset with the chairman and how many just wanted to get out of town
8:22 am
or get into town. so, having said that, the people that were there, certainly greeted him enthusiastically. they were poe late. they understood what he was talking about in that clip as you show when he said, well, i've made mistakes and we need to move on. certainly, from what we can tell from talking to people and from calling around to state party chairman, there does not seem to be any move to try to out michael steele before these elections. his term is up in january. it seems to be full steam ahead here. >> candy, you talked to governor haley barber about another topic here, justice stevens replacement. let's take a listen to what he says and we will chat on the other side of the sound. >> the president is going to appoint a liberal successor to justice stevens, who is one of the most liberal member of the supreme court. some feel like he is the leader of the supreme court.
8:23 am
everybody here, everybody watching your show understands that the president is going to appoint the most liberal person he thinks he can and will get confirmed and that person will be a liberal. that's just a fact. do i think it will affect the election? only to the sense that it reminds the american people something they already know, that this is far and away the most liberal administration we have ever had in the white house and candidly in the congress. >> candy, you have much more ahead with your interview with governor barber. what did you make overall of his comments? >> reporter: well, as far as the supreme court goes, i thought it was interesting he said, he will appoint as liberal of a justice as he can and still get confirmed i think that pretty much sums up what's going to go on now between now and the time of the nomination. republicans are going to be pushing very hard, talking about
8:24 am
fill filibusters. they have 59 votes. they have to pull on republicans. there are republicans who have pledged that all things being equal, if the candidate is qualified, the president is entitled to his choice. i don't think you will hear a lot of serious talk about a filibuster, you are going to hear a lot of talk along the campaign trail of the importance of nominating, getting a president who will pick the sort of nominees that republicans would like to have and vice versa for democrats. >> no doubt, this is one of the most interesting opportunities for some of this washington theater that we have when we have these senate confirmation processeses. candy crowley for us in new orleans. thanks, candy. >> keep can right here for state
8:25 am
of the union with candy crowley. coming up in about 30 minutes. flags are flying at half-staff across poland today. our fred pleitgen joining us from warsaw. what was the mood of the people who are there? >> reporter: absolute sorrow. you could see when the silence here at warsaw, public life came to a standstill. i was close. people were getting out of their cars and observing the moment of silence. we are waiting for the president's body to be flown back here to poland. first of all, there will be a military ceremony at that airstrip and his body will be brought right here to the presidential palace, which is behind me. i want to show you something just to this side of me. you can si you can see the masses of people who are coming here, literally tens of thousands of people and
8:26 am
more and more are poring in by the minute to this square in central warsaw. you are seeing a street that cars normally go down thachl. that is going to be the route that the president's body will take when it comes to the presidential palace. there us a sense of great loss and people moving very close together in the face of this national tragedy. brianna. >> fred, one of our i-reporters said there was a river of people. it certainly looks like a sea of people now. we know you will be keeping an eye on this as the body of the president comes. fred pleitgen for us in warsaw. thank you. the masters is going to be wrapping up in augusta, georgia. the focus has been tiger woods. his comeback to the game. how would he play, how would he deal with the pressure? how about this, he is in contention, he is in third going
8:27 am
into the final round.
8:28 am
here he was for birdie eight and nine, to play eight and nine. >> tiger woods, his first tournament back is the biggest of the year. the masters tournament in augusta. he is in it. he could possibly win this thing today. >> this is after being away for five months in the game and comments about his personal life playing out before him e is now in contention. >> he is on that leader board,
8:29 am
four shots back from the leaders. michael walk is the senior editor for "golf" magazine. there is going to be live blogging michael, thank you for being here. as a golf guy, you tell me, what has been your reaction of how he has been able to come back from all he went through you? >> i'm not that surprised. i mean, over the years e has proven to be so much better than everybody else. he has come back from layoffs before and played really well. i think that the fan reaction and the way he has kind of been embraced and embraced the fans back. that was something different. i didn't expect him to be more open on the golf course and acknowledge people. i think that has been the kind of thing i didn't expect. >> did you expect as well, he said he wasn't going -- he is willing to be more respectful of the game. he has been known for giving stairs out to the crowds for people making noise, for yelling
8:30 am
out a few four-letter words when he hits a bad shot. we saw some of that again yesterday. did that surprise you, given what he said, that he wasn't going to do that anymore? >> i think that is going to be hard for him to change that. that's how he plays golf. that's how he plays golf. you can say his curses weren't as bad yesterday. you wouldn't need to beep it. you can call it pg-13. i don't think in the heat of competition when he needs a good shot and he doesn't get it, you are going to hear him curse and you are going to see the fist pump when he does well. over time, he may dial that back. >> if somebody besides tiger woods wins this and he ends up in second place, third place, fourth or fifth, will the story be the winner or will the big story still be about how tiger woods played? >> i think if phil mickelson wins, he is the story e has been going through his own thing. his wife has been dealing with breast cancer, his mother has.
8:31 am
mickelson, tremendously popular player, second to tiger, not that far behind tiger at least among golf fans. phil is a big story. certainly, tiger, with everything going on in his life is always going to be the big story. it is a great tournament. it proofs as great drama. whoever wins, it is going to be exciting. >> what happens in the next tournament that tiger plays that is not so controlled as augusta, where the patrons don't have the threat of having their badges taken away for life if they act up? what happens at the next tournament? >> i think maybe you seal more isolated instances of heckling. the feeling i got at augusta was, people felt that he had been through enough, that they kind of respected the fact that he was coming out here and playing again. i mean, your always going to have people occasionally get attention and heckle him. i don't think you are going to see regular except if he plays in the ryder cup in whales. maybe you would see extended heckling there. i can't imagine it would be that bad.
8:32 am
i think people feel he has talked enough about that. there are still answers about the accident we don't know about. if the state police couldn't find out, a bunch of golf writers aren't going to be able to find out ic. i think will be back to normalle. >> that plane flying over was the only incident we could say. he said he didn't even see it. it's been amazing to see how this guy who is known for that focus, that he is able to come back and focus the way he has been able to? we shall see all eyes on the course today. well be checking out your blog during the tournament today. >> excellent. i'm looking forward to it. he has been to the crash site, seen the debris from the crash. we will be checking in with cnn's nic robertson for the latest on that train wreck that killed the polish president, first lady and 95 others. it can happen anytime,
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chicago just one of the places where polish communities are expressing their grief and mourning the loss of poland's president, first lady and other dignitaries in the fiery plane crash yesterday. >> it is hard to imagine how much pain you can feel when people who very often reach the pinnacle of their careers suddenly must be gone. >> just trying to pay respect to the tragedy that happened 70 years ago. it is tragedy on the top of a tragedy. >> the bodies of president lech kaczynski and his wife are expected back at warsaw shortly. these are live pictures back at poland. they took off from smolensk a
8:37 am
short time ago. they are gathering in the streets, mourning. we have seen crying, lighting candles and leaving flowers and messages for the fallen leader. let's take you now to new orleans where seven people were shot after a music festival in the french quarter. police at this point still looking for two gunmen. they say the intended target was a 17-year-old boy. he was shot in the chest. nasa and a couple astronauts out there wrapping up a paspace walk. they have been outside carrying out. this is the second one. they have one more. replacing an old storage tank for the station's cooling system. they are going to wrap this up with a third space walk. that's going to happen on tuesday. we are going to turn back to nic robertson at the airport at the flag-draped casket carrying the president of poland's body as it was loaded on to a plane to be returned to warsaw.
8:38 am
he joins us now on the phone. you were at that ceremony. describe that for us, sending the leader have a back to his home country. >> reporter: it was very sombre and solemn. vladimir putin stood there side by side. they watched as the casket of the president was carried out and put on a table at the end of a red carpet in the middle of the runway. they stood at the foot of the casket for a good 15 minutes saying nothing to each other as the military band played and soldiers and sailors marched past in tribute. there were other official disanytime taries there. russia and poland standing watching this ceremony. it took about half an hour in all before the casket was carried aboard the polish
8:39 am
aircraft. it took off. even after that, the russian prime minister and the polish ambassador stood waiting side by side until it was way in the air. the president's plane had crashed less than 20 hours earlier. he told me that some of the bereefb wait longer. >> our nic robertson. we appreciate you. again, we are keeping an eye on what's happening at the airport in warsaw. this is the picture nic
8:40 am
robertson was just describing as the president of poland, president kosinski's body was being loaded up. who will replace justin john stevens. i will be talking about one of the top supreme court bloggers. n the strength of american businesses. ♪ ge capital understands what small businesses need to grow and create jobs. today, over 300,000 businesses rely on ge capital for the critical financing they need to help get our economy back on track. the american renewal is happening right now. ♪ should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with new wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway (announcer) wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer in this. one day, i'll park this
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sunday morning masses in poland filled with prayers for the 97 who died in yesterday's plane crash. the archbishop of krakow led a mass, still in disbelief of the tragedy. the president and first lady and other top officials died in that crash. pope ben fi pope benedict expressed his
8:43 am
sympathies. >> with deep sorrow, i received the news of the tragic death of mr. lech kaczynski, the president of poland and his wife and other people on board to the plane that they died on their way to katyn, the place of mart martyrdom of thousands of polish officers. i pray with you and i am with you in prayer and also with pilgrims gathered in the sanctuary who pray for divine mercy all over the world. yesterday's plane crash came a little over five years after the death of his polish born pred des sore, pope john paul the ii. the web is a buzz over what people are saying about who is going to replace retiring justice, john stevens. we will be talking about one of the top supreme court bloggers.
8:44 am
8:45 am
while cannot replace justice stevens experience or wisdom, i will seek someone in the coming weeks with similar quality, an independent mind, a record of excellence and integrity, a fierce dedication to the rule of law and a keen understanding of how the law affects the daily lives of the american people. it will also be someone who, like justice stevens, knows that in a democracy, powerful interests must not be allowed to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens. >> new justices often bring new energy, new ideas, and the fact that obama will have two quick
8:46 am
appoints really does give the l liberals a shot in the arm. hinting he was thinking about stepping down. this week, he made that official. he will be leaving at the end of this session, in june or july. the court will lose a liberal judge, who is coincidentally, a life-long republican. kevin russell is a washington attorney and a contributor. thank you so much for being with us. i want to ask you, especially on scotus blog, what are you hearing? what is all the buzz, what are people wondering about who may replace stevens and what does it mean that he is leaving? >> there are two things that are being talked about. people are speculating with who the president will pick. people want to know how this will affect the mid-term elections. how will this affect the
8:47 am
president's choice? you heard in the clip you made the president's reference about wanting to pick a justice who will side with ordinary americans. it indicates the president would like to have a fight with republicans about that issue. the question is, is he going to pick somebody who is also going to get him into a fight about more controversial issues, like abortion or gay rights? >> can his pick, though, and we are looking right now at a couple of the different operations. elena kagan, diane wood out of chicago, judge merrick garland out of d.c. can any of these choices be stopped. would republicans be able to do that? >> no, i don't think so. there hasn't been a successful filibuster of a nominee of the supreme court. in that effort, it was a bipartisan report. it is a question of how big a fight and what kind of fight the
8:48 am
president wants to have. >> let's pull up that graphic of what we think are the three on the short list, elena kagan, diane wood, merrick garland. what do you think? who would be the strongest person for him to pick? does it depend on what he is aiming for short-term and long-term? >> each of them are incredibly qualified person. merrick garland is the easiest. he would engender the least opposition, i think. he is a male and doesn't add a lot to the diversity of the court. judge wood would please the liberal constituency. she has issued controversial rulings on issues like abortion and religion. while, kagan is a bit of a blank shape and would give a lot of leeway to shape the debate on the issues he would like to talk about. >> one of the things i nltsotic
8:49 am
covering judge is sonia sotomayor, you are able to skirt some issues when you are getting tough questions, if this is a democratic-appointed nominee, questions you are getting from republican lawmakers. what about in the case of diane wood with her record from the bench on abortion, that would be, you would thirks a lot of fireworks before the senate judiciary committee? >> i agree. that's one thing she has going against her. she has had con tro version abortion decisions. we would probably see similar criticisms in this case. >> kevin russell, quite the insider and the expert on the supreme court with thanks so much for all of your insight on that. >> thank you. daytona beach, south padre
8:50 am
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what everyone wants, vacation. in this tough economy, people are scrimping, this is affecting everyone. that includes students. many are finding it hard to pay for spring break to go away. >> the college students take off. they have to fund themselves. high school students want to go on vacation as well. if you didn't know, this is carl zud zeus from cnn news. >> most of the students are saying, they are staying put, the staycation or the paycation, meaning they are staying home to work. this is an informal poll we took, 57% of the students staying home. at least some of them are blaming the economy. they might be saying that one or both of their parents have lost their job. they can't afford a vacation.
8:54 am
other students were saying, their parents have jobs but they need the hours. they are insecure in the jobs and don't want to be taking time off. a lot of young people did spend spring break at home. >> i can't remember. where do young people go? did y'all go on your own? did you do something with your snarn parents? >> i think i did the staycation. some people go away to camps or dance camps. i was talking to an unployed em man last week. his daughter wanted to go to a camp and they couldn't afford t was tough for her. >> how are kids handling this? >> a lot of students were saying, despite the fact that i am stuck at home, they are making things work. yvonne said she stayed home and spent time with her family. she would rather be at baseball games. she will be watching them at home.
8:55 am
it didn't matter to her because spending time with her family was the best spring break she could have. jennifer was saying, people need to realize spring break isn't always about going on vacation. she had a great spring break sitting at home hanging out with her family, having friends around hang out. she goes on to say, i love this part, she goes on to say, it was less costly. we had a blast. i think we should all try to do the same. so you might not expect from middle and high school students so many of them appreciating that time with their family. if you are a parent, you have a long summer coming up, you might have a long summer break with your student. many of our student audience, many members of them are telling us, look, we are grateful for the chance to hang out, to play games with our folks. that's something pretty refreshing. >> the best words of wisdom we get each week come from the students you tell us about. we appreciate you. we appreciate them. >> quick break. we are right back. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt.
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"state of the union" with candy crowley is coming up at the top of the hour. >> a quick check of the headlines. >> we want to thank brianna keilar for hanging out with us. >> always a pleasure. a quick check of these stories. a powerful quake slammed the solomon islands a little while ago. most likely, it didn't trigger a tsunami. no threat to hawaii. >> poland is getting a week-long official mourning period. the bodies of the president, lech kaczynski and his wife, will be are your nd within the next hour. their plane crashed yesterday. seven people shot

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